The Future of Auto Insurance: In 2013 and Beyond

by Michele Postler, Wednesday, November 21, 2012

With the present economy, people are looking to save money in every way possible. Besides cutting out the unneeded items, families and individuals are looking everywhere and anywhere to get the best price. Auto insurance is a great place to start.


With the amount of companies in 2013 vying for your business they have created many different packages to suit every individual need, with a price to match. The auto insurance industry is gearing towards cost savings for the driver, while at the same time providing improved claims support and customer service.


How the Auto Insurance Industry is Changing

A new device is being introduced to the public by a few large insurance companies. They claim it will save drivers money in the future. It is a device that plugs into your car and works like a GPS. It tracks your mileage and driving habits, which, the insurance companies indicate, can save you money on your auto insurance costs.


A recent study by comscore shows that more people are willing to buy their auto insurance online or are considering buying it online in the future. With the easy access of the internet and the abundance of information online, affordable car insurance quotes are becoming more popular and easier to get. Couple that with the discounts offered by insurance companies if purchasing online and the desire to shop around for the lowest rates, online insurance quotes are becoming the future of auto insurance.


Recent Trends For Auto Insurance

  • The makers of TomTom GPS are launching a new device in 2013 to plug into your car that tracks your mileage. The device can be used to decrease your insurance rates depending on the amount you drive as well as providing the driver information to follow trends of their own driving habits.
  • Insurance premiums will no longer be provided on a group demographic but a personalized basis that will allow experienced drivers a higher discount.
  • More people are willing to purchase their full coverage auto insurance from an online source. One of the main reasons is that shopping around for auto insurance online is much easier than in person. Full coverage auto insurance quotes are available at your finger tips and often don’t require much personal information
  • Auto insurance of the future will provide personalized insurance packages to suit your needs and your driving habits. You will not longer be lumped together as a group of drivers with the cost of auto insurance the same for a group.
  • Insurance premiums are increasingly becoming partially based on your credit score.

What to Expect From Auto Insurance in 2013

In the next couple of years, auto insurance providers will be forced to provide customized policies, higher discounts and greater access to online quotes. Companies are trying to find ways to reduce insurance fraud and are turning to technology that will help with that. It will also help the driver track their habits and in turn may decrease their insurance premiums.


With the internet and more options to find different products, customers will become increasingly aware of the different coverage options they need. Consumers will be able to get a detailed insurance policy as they will be able to research more options for their car insurance. Calculators are available online to quote for many different coverage options.