Disability Insurance Needs to be Considered by Women

by Michele Postler, Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Women today have transformed in to super women, juggling family, a career and all the other responsibilities and duties in the middle. They are making up almost half of the work force currently and bring in nearly half of the household income. Most households rely on that second income to even get by so the loss of that income can become a huge blow to the financial health of a family.

Unfortunately, they are also at a higher risk of becoming disabled for longer than 90 days than a male, as indicated by the Journal of the American Society of Certified Life Underwrites.

The number one leading claim made on a long term disability insurance policy was cancer at 13%. The second to cancer was complications from pregnancy at 12%.


Disability Insurance during Pregnancy

When it comes to starting a family the last thing you want to consider are complications during pregnancy, but it happens and more often than you think. Even just bed rest before the baby is born to make sure the health of the child and yourself are taken care of, could change the financial structure of the family.

Most employers health insurance covers time off for pregnancies but the minimum that employers have to give is twelve weeks of leave for you and your spouse. In this time you have to birth the child recover and then care for your new born. It is not a lot of time.

Getting more time off may require you to take some vacation days as well as use any built up PTO time, after this, any extra time off will be without pay.

If complications occur during the pregnancy that requires more time off for bed rest or chronic morning sickness the employer provided insurance will not cover this extra time. This is when you could use your short term disability or supplemental maternity insurance policy to replace your income.

This is one time that you can get insurance for something you can foresee. Short term disability insurance policies can cover pregnancy and related complications as well as postpartum disorders, illnesses and accidents.

Today women want it all and are doing everything they can to get it. Sometimes they don’t foresee the consequences this may take on their health. Getting information on disability policies whether it’s for short term benefits like pregnancy or long term benefits protects the family from added stress when an injury or accident occurs.

You can find a wealth of information on disability insurance including disability insurance rates and quotes online or by speaking to your insurance provider. It’s no longer an option to go without disability insurance coverage as there are many things that can affect the financial stability of your family.