Consistency Is Key

by Matt Lindland, Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Matt LindlandSharks drown when they stop swimming. Inactivity kills. Keep moving, be the shark that is always swimming, always on the move. Be the shark… Be consistent.


Another year is upon us and by now you’re sick and tired of all the campaigns for health and wellness. The ad campaigns like “It’s the best time to start working towards a new you!”, are on repeat 24/7. The truth is that there is no better time than the present to get started regardless of the date. It’s about consistency, getting fit is not an impulse because of the season.


Set goals. Start small and work your way up to bigger goals. Every small victory is another notch in the belt that will help you eventually reach your ultimate goal. That goal might be to get faster, get stronger, lose weight, lower cholesterol or just look good in a swimsuit for the upcoming vacation on the beach. Whatever the goal, consistency with training will help get you there.


Measure your success. Would you go shopping for groceries on an empty stomach without a list? Sure, maybe if you are a frat boy, but those of us who have a little life experience know that going in to something unprepared and without a game plan is foolish. You need to see the fruits of your labor by keeping track of your results and measure the success by keeping times, PR’s, weight loss/gain, etc. This will keep you motivated. Consistency is key.


fitquest 2

Push yourself past your limits and know when you plateau. Anyone that has experienced the “get fit quick” bug, where they spend 2-4 weeks killing themselves trying to get in shape will know what this means. Athletes will know what this feels like when they are peaking too soon or coming into another season without enough rest. Pushing yourself past the normal comfort zone is hard but important for advancing towards reaching your fitness goal. It’s when you stop pushing yourself or you don’t change the workout up enough that you begin to see a stagnant plateau. The weight stops dropping & weight gain (if trying to lose) or decrease in strength seem to be among the first side effects. Avoid this by consistently changing your workout up and varying reps and sets frequently.


fitquest 3

So… If sharks don’t ever stop swimming because they know they’ll drown… Do the fish that they stalk as prey ever stop swimming too? Keep moving. Inactivity kills. Be the fish that is consistently being chased by the shark who never rests… Be consistent.