Motorcycle Insurance and Helmet Safety

by Michele Postler, Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The mandatory helmet law was repealed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder in April 2012. The new law states that that helmets are not mandatory for riders older than 21, who have 2 years experience on a bike, passed the motorcycle safety course and carry $20,000 of medical insurance. This new law has brought out many different opinions in the laws surrounding motorcycles and whether a helmet can save a life or not.


Wearing a Helmet is really worth your life


Statistics show that wearing a helmet can reduce extensive and life threatening injuries if you are involved in a crash but some say that wearing a helmet doesn’t contribute to the safety of riding a motorcycle. It doesn’t matter what the statistics say, one thing is certain, that if you aren’t wearing a helmet and you are involved in a crash that injures your head, you are more likely to survive the crash and continue with your life if you are wearing a helmet. It is another safety measure, like seatbelts in the car.


Types of insurance coverage that is available


A motorcycle is a cheaper way to get around and can be a lot more fun during nice sunny weather. But to make sure that your ride is safer and more enjoyable, it is important to understand the different motorcycle insurance options that are available to you.


Liability – covers property damage and injuries that may have been your fault in an accident. Liability motorcycle insurance is the same as auto insurance but is for your bike and will depend on many different factors, including your age, your driving record and the type of bike you are riding. If you are driving a fast and expensive motorcycle, your insurance premium will reflect that.


Comprehensive and Collision – will cover you for damage to your bike. This motorcycle insurance coverage will protect against vandalism, fire and theft, damage from a storm or damage from an accident, regardless of whose fault it is. It’s also worth asking if the comprehensive coverage offers road side service. If you are an avid rider it may be in your best interest to get this additional coverage if it is not included. It provides service to you if you are stranded by a dead battery or a breakdown.


Custom Parts and Accessory – sometimes motorcycles are not just for riding they are the pride and joy of some owners. So to protect your investment you are able to get additional coverage for custom parts and accessories, including expensive electronic equipment that may have been installed.


Medical Insurance – as mentioned above, Michigan law for helmets have a stipulation that the rider must also carry a significant amount of medical insurance still be covered while not wearing a helmet. Medical insurance will cover you for any hospital costs you will incur with the result of an accident, not dependant on who is at fault.


It doesn’t matter what you are riding, a bicycle, a moped or a motorcycle; you are operating an apparatus that is involved in travelling with other motorist. Whether you are safe or not you are putting your safety in the hands of others when you aren’t taking the responsibility to protect yourself. Wearing a helmet and making sure you have the proper amount and type of insurance will keep your motorcycle riding as enjoyable as ever.


You can find motorcycle insurance comparisons online with many different companies but if you have a car that is insured you may be able to get cheap motorcycle insurance quotes from them under bundled insurance.