Holiday Treats Your Pets Shouldn’t Have Eaten

by Michele Postler, Saturday, December 1, 2012

During this festive time of the year, if you don’t stay mindful of some simple hazards, the question is not if you will have to bring your pet to the vet, but the price will be how much. Pet insurance is very helpful to keep the costs low if you do have to bring them to a vet.


The holiday season is a wonderful time of year for many. There are beautifully decorated trees, glittering lights, presents, chocolate, cookies, turkey, gravy and stuffing. But it is very important to keep you pet away from these hazardous materials during the season. Now more than any other time of the year it is important to make sure your pet is not sneaking another chocolate or your child is not feeding them that extra piece of gravy saturated turkey. Some of the most hazardous materials look shiny and like a new toy to your pet so here are a few things to look out for.

Christmas Trees


Tinsel – that shiny string like substance hanging from your tree is devastating to your cat. They love the way it moves on the tree but should definitely not be ingested. It can get be torturous on your cats intestines and depending on how much they ate could be fatal. Make sure the tinsel is either not on the tree or high enough for your cat to be unable to reach it.


Ornaments – your dog looks at the tree with visions of many new tennis balls to play with and your cat looks at them like a new toy to bat around. The best advice is to put ornaments around the middle to top of the tree, not at the bottom for your beloved pets easy access.


The tree – your cat found a huge new scratching post. For some reason or another they love climbing the trees, even if they can’t figure out how to get down most of the time. Make sure your tree is secured at the bottom as this may cause injury to your cat as well as your wallet.


Lights – the cord that connects lights are very chewy and your puppy or kitty loves to chew it when teething. So make sure the cord is covered or out of sight. That way they won’t get hurt and you won’t have an exposed cord that may light up the house, not in the way you expected.




Chocolate is very hazardous to mans best friend. It contains toxins that negatively react with your pets digestive system and could become deadly. Make sure all chocolates are placed in an unreachable place and do not feed your dog your famous chocolate rum balls or éclairs, no matter how much they beg.


Holiday dinner


With all your family and friends gathered around the table, this is prime opportunity for your dog to do their begging. They know that the odds are their side with this many people in one place, all gathered around food. So they may be successful with at least one. Fatty human food like gravy and roasts causes inflammation of the pancreas and can become very painful for your dog and very costly for you after the meals are completed. Ask your guests to refrain from giving in to those puppy dog eyes and keep an eye out for open food on the counters.




When wrapping your presents be mindful of the ribbon you use and keep it in your eye sight at all times if you have a cat. They love playing with ribbon and most times love to eat it. Just like tinsel it is very harmful to the intestines.


Cat or dog insurance is very helpful in keeping the costs of your pet bills down, not only for the above hazards around the house but also for any injuries they could sustain throughout the year. There are many places online that will help you compare pet insurance rates and you will also be able to get a pet insurance quote. It’s one of the many responsibilities of owning a pet and provides cost savings to you if your cat or dog should encounter some tinsel or chocolate this holiday season.